Call center software solutions
CX Solutions

RP Infotel’s CX solutions are aimed at making bonding between you and your customer. Through our CX solutions you will have an understanding of your brand interaction with customers. CX software is higher and improved version of CRM where one can measure and improve digital customer experience .IT not only enables the company to collect information of customer interaction but also helps to analyse and interpretate the outcome and responses. Overall, it gives the highest satisfactory customer experience. CX software are available with features such as Online survey Management Data Analytics Predictive Analytics Ticketing Journey mapping and many more that can be a right fit for your business. We also help you to choose the right CX platform for your business which is of outmost importance. CX software can bring fantastic upliftment in digital customer journey both at individual and Organizational level.

Predictive Dialer

Your business may be small, Large or Medium, still leads matters the most!!
Predictive dialer software solution by RP Infotel enables you to generate more leads in no time. It provides freedom of space as one can log in from anywhere with dialer extension from mobile or laptop device. Aim of predictive dialer to connect to as many customers as possible by dialing multiple phone numbers at a time and automatically connects answered calls to the next available agent.

Work Model of predicative Dialer

Predict the number of free agents when the dialer starts

Model probability of calls connected to a real person The agent connects and accomplishes the business goal

The agent connects (Again) and accomplishes the business goal

Analyze and rebuild the predictive model in real-time

The agent connects (Again) and accomplishes the business goal with virtually zero idle time

Predictive Dialer is a kind of auto dialer with the aim of higher calling rates, increasing sales opportunities, smooth success path, increasing agents connectivity to live calls. Automatic call Distribution system If you are looking forward to help inbound contact canters and manage large volumes of calls, then rely on RP Infotel ACD telephony system .IT automatically receives incoming calls and distributes them to available agent and gives complete intelligent call routing experience. Calls are distributed in three steps typically asking the caller’s purpose through an IVR. The next step is to sort the callers into a waiting list.  The ACD will route the calls based on your preferred type of distribution method. RP Infotel not only help in setting up ACD system but also help in choosing best routing strategy that suits your business. Each distributions system has its own strengths. Some prioritizes speed while some may boost agent’s productivity. ADC system helps organisation in Fair distribution of work by distributing the calls fairly and equally Smart routing of call by ACD system enhanced customer experience and satisfaction. Call monitoring feature may enable you to check agents’ performance while they are handling call in real time.

IVR call conference

RP Infotel Interactive Voice Response system you can personalize your message as per need and you can decide what customer wants to hear. It totally uplifts customer experience by giving 24×7 customer support. Feedback can be collected from the customer which in turn helps in enhancing customer experience. IVR can be sued as a smart tool for payments for service availed using the mobile phones. May be ordering food or movie ticket or any home delivery, it helps in all payments. Use our IVR systems to ensure that order is verified by customer before it goes out for delivery. Rp Infotel IVR system is the easiest way to communicate with people in all languages. IVR can be at installed at single level IVR system or Multi level IVRS. RP Infotel™ IVRS can be integrated with third party TTS and speech recognition application. Drag & Drop GUI based IVR designer allows playing of prompts, capture digits, enable decision making loops knowing if agents are logged in, time of day routing & calls transfer to agents or external parties. Live Monitoring RP Infotel live monitoring system is most affordable security solution at affordable price. The innovations in CCTV cameras have made the live monitoring system very popular. You can bank on Live monitoring systems for guarding every inch of your property, business or people. Live monitoring system can always keep offenders at bay .RP Infotel provides live monitoring system with high functionality and high-end features. Industries where we serve live monitoring system are named below. But the list doesn’t end here.

Auto Industry



Lead Generation



Health Care


Welcome Call

Financial Institutions


Tele Shopping

Real Estate

Tele Marketing & Sales Collection

“Feel fully secure with live monitoring system”

Inbound And Outbound

No call gets unanswered by inbound call center support software!!
It is must to have service for any industry of any size. RP Infotel inbound and outbound call canter telephony service provides cutting edge service in telephony industry. Build customer loyalty with intelligent inbound call routing Route every inbound call to the right agent at the right time while automatically sending customer information to the agent’s desktop so they can resolve the issue quickly. Ensure each interaction is personalized by leveraging data from your IVR, CRM, and other sources.  If you’re looking for an inbound call canter solution, RP infotel’s phone support software lends a hand by helping support teams resolve issues faster, measure and improve phone support operations, and deliver the best customer support experiences. Outbound In this case, agents have a list of contacts to get in touch with, and they usually use customer relationship management (CRM) software to track and manage their interactions. A call canter system like RP Infotel, supports both kinds of call canters. It helps customers get in touch with the right agents, and gives call canter agents access to the right information about a customer’s history to improve the overall customer experience.
In this case there can be four types of Dialing Mode

1.Predictive mode
2.Progressive mode
3.Preview Mode
4.Manual mode


We offer the best IP-PBX, wherein user shares the several lines to make phone calls outside the company. It also connects the internal phones of company as well as to other VoIP providers, SIP trunks, and the public switched telephone network or PSTN.

Why our IP-PBX System

Budget friendly

Promote better collaboration
among employees

Offer privacy

Compatible with any
software or VoIP phones.

Easy to install and maintain

Customized solution for every business need

Size of your enterprise doesn’t matter to us. What actually matters is that we offer unmatched communication system for your business to be progressive, futuristic and competitive. We offer our services to small, medium or large enterprises.

Unique Features of RP Infotel IP-PBX system IN Creative

Video Calling / Conference
Mobile Extension (WiFi Client)
Office Setup

CRM / Email
Call Detail
Voicemail to

Web based
Audio Calling
Fax Support
Built-in IVR
Call Queuing
Call Recording

OMNI Channel software

RP Infotel offers Omni channel software solutions to every industry. Customers today expect channel choice. RP Infotel’s best-of-breed omnichannel call centre software helps large contact centres achieve better customer satisfaction, higher agent productivity and greater overall efficiency by breaking down silos that no longer have a place in today’s interconnected,
choice-driven world. However, Omni channel is not just about providing
the right content; it’s about giving this information at the right time, at the right moment and to an appropriate target market i.e. tailored digital support.
It’s a boon in the case of crisis, where you can maintain critical contact centre activities by allowing your agents to quickly transition to remote virtual agent.

WhatsApp has become part of people’s lives today. From big business houses to small businesses, everywhere WhatsApp is the game-changer. AS it is
an easy-to-use, quick, responsive, and uncomplicated prompt medium many businesses have started communicating on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp integration in call canters

Call canters find it difficult to integrate WhatsApp based communication because of several reasons. The biggest challenge is how to handle multiple customers and prospects, multiple agents and executives. But being the best contact canter solution provider, we have solutions to all the related problems.

What do we offer?

Seamless integration of WhatsApp into the call canter solution. Integrate business WhatsApp APIs into the call canter dialer.

As we integrate WhatsApp with the call canter software, then it supports all features of WhatsApp like …Use of rich media (video, pictures, etc.) in the chat Exchange files, documents, etc. Exchange emoticons View chat history Start new chat And more.

RP Infotel WhatsApp integration service is the right choice for you as it is supported by Android, iOS, and Windows allowing the end users to chat with
customer support agent.

key Features

Agents can easily access the WhatsApp messenger within your call centre dialer, once our VoIP experts do the integration.
Single number can be used by multiple agents.
Through a Single dialer, RP Infotel can integrate multiple WhatsApp number to connect to leads via different number.
Rp Infotel WhatsApp integration for call provides parallel chat, group chat, and group blast feature.